Story behind the Picture.


I think most Street Photographers have a Signature Image and this one is mine.

I was having one of them days where nothing was coming off. I was missing targets by seconds and i was finding myself in the right place at the wrong time . After a few hours of walking around and nothing to show for it i decided to hang around the Metro Stop in Piccadilly and see if i could get a passenger on the tram but after 10-15 minutes I was going to call it a day and i said to myself "just one more tram and that's it" ... 8 trams later i was still there! Then the one i had been waiting for arrived , as it stopped the sun was now behind me and i spotted this Lady sat in the window. The light was just about right and she had the look of a proper character which made it even better. As i moved towards the window knowing i only had seconds to take the shot before the tram moved off.  I raised the camera hoping for a reaction, at first she looked away, she then turned back raised a little smile and just before the tram moved off she flicked the V's and smiled again. You can see my reflection in the image and i'm grinning from ear to ear knowing that the day had not been wasted after all.