The Next Step?

I have the camera & I have the ability to make good images so what should my next move be?

So at this moment in time i'm thinking could i make a living from this ? Its my dream to get that one commission that would get me out of the rat race but would it really get me out of the race?. The competition is fierce and you only have to put #travelphotography into instagram to find out there are millions of people all chasing that same dream. But this should not deter you or me from doing this thing that we love. As i go along on this wonderful journey its so easy for me to forget why i do photography. I do it because i genuinely love it and like i have stated in previous post's its like a form of mediation as it gets me out of me, which is priceless. But this does not stop me from dreaming of doing this for a living and after hours upon hours of research i have come to realise its a lot harder than i thought as Its a saturated market out there.  So do i throw the towel in ? sell my beloved camera ? sit at home waiting for that email or that message on facebook? or do i get out there and pound the streets for hours on end? because the image wont come to me. I have to get out there and learn from every mistake which is only going to make me better. Giving up is never the answer and this is not just about me doing photography for a living its about life in general because who knows what is in store for us and i would rather fail in trying than to have never tried at all. And has my very good friend Jed always points out to me its about letting go and letting it happen.  

But that does not take away my dream of doing this for a living but the more i push it the more it gets away from me and this causes frustration which then seeps into my work and then i go through that stagnation period which cuts off my creative juices and then it pops that little seed of doubt into my head about why i'm doing this and before you know it i'm back on the merry go round of self doubt. (see my previous blog about "Losing the Groove" )

So for me at this very moment in time as i sit here writing this blog i'm at a place where i have decided not push it too much because if its going to happen then it will happen i just have to keep chipping away by working on my photography and keep networking with like minded people and avoid the negative ones and who knows that dream job just might arrive but in the mean time i have to be grateful for what i have and stop trying to push square pegs into round holes.