Story behind the Picture #2

Summer 2016 and the UK is about to decided if we stay or leave the European Union.

If was the topic conversation for millions of people in pubs , clubs , at home , at work , on the bus , social media was awash with people's opinions right or wrong everyone had a view. You couldn't switch on the radio or the television without hearing about it. We was overloaded with information probably to much information.

As we was building up to the day that Briton went to the polls i decided to set myself a challenge . How could i sum up the referendum in one image?

I had a few ideas but it would take time to find the right location with the right subject which is all fine but with street photography anything can happen and sometimes nothing does happen.

Whilst out and about in Manchester one late afternoon i was strolling around the Northern Quarter watching people leave work to go home or meet up with friends. With the referendum image on my mind i found myself at the bottom of this alleyway and i spotted the sign at the top and i thought this would be a good place to get my picture as it had  that "in-out" scenario that i had been looking for and no sooner had i thought it then this gentlemen walked into the frame as i raised my camera he looked towards me and everything was spot on. His step was perfect there was no one else in the frame no cars passing as i pressed the shutter i knew i had it.