The Candid Frame Podcast.


I have been a huge fan of The Candid Frame podcast for some time, i find it a great source of information & inspiration . Ibarionex Perollo who presents the show has one them voices that you could listen to for hours, his structured questions are well researched and put across in such a way that the guest feels relaxed enough to open up and talk honestly & candidly about their work to the point where WE the listener feel as though we are eavesdropping onto a private conversation between two friends. 

The recent interview with Donato DiCamillo was just unbelievable, so much so that it inspired me to write this blog. Donato is a Brooklyn based photographer who likes to keep the world at arms length and let his work do the talking but with the help of Ibarionex we get a glimpse into Donato's life and how he found his way into photography. You have to listen to the interview just to understand how powerful his story is. It's one of them interviews that makes you stop and listen.

But this is just one of many interviews that have changed my view on photography the conversation with Matt Stuart is also a remarkable story especially how he talks us through the "Trafalgar Square Image" and whilst  digging through the archives i discovered the  interview with Joel Meyerowitz from 2012 which just blew my mind away and gets better with a second listen! (It's that good) the way he breaks everything down to the very last detail made me realise that photography is so much more than just pressing the shutter button.  

I have discovered many photographers from all over the world and have enriched my knowledge of photography through listening to The Candid Frame and its presenter Ibarionex Perello .

I can't recommend this podcast enough if you are photographer in need of inspiration or just want to learn new ways of how to shoot then download the podcast from i-tunes.

The Candid Frame #340 - Donato DiCamillo