My Continuing Love affair with the X100T.

In February this year i ditched my Nikon and invested my savings into the X100T and to be honest it was probably the best decision i ever made - If i was to pull one thing out of a burning house it would be my X100T,  and then my i-pod classic and of course and not forgetting my wife & child.

This camera never ceases to amaze me yes it can be frustrating at times especially with the focus but 9 times out of 10 it see's what i see and for me that is the beauty of this little gem.

All my images are j-peg and i shoot mainly in black & white my 2 favourite settings are the B&W+R as i love the punchy contrast it gives me in my images and B&W+Y for its smooth metallic feel.

I don't use colour much but when i do i use the excellent Classic Chrome with the colour pushed up to +2 and my highlights down to -1 or even -2.

This is not a review of the camera as there are tons of reviews out there this is more an appreciation of this camera. 

I will post up my settings for both Chrome & B/W in a future blog.

The x100t is a camera that never stops giving and i will never stop loving.