Street Photography in Manchester.


As you will probably know by now Manchester is where i do a lot of my Street Photography work and my on going "Faces of Manchester" Project is testament to that. Its a City that never ceases to amaze me i know the streets like the back of my hand but i always discover something new when i'm out there. 

Lets start with how i choose the locations , i split the City Centre up into four different areas and target each area on a rotation , by doing this it keeps things fresh for me as you know it can get a bit boring walking the same street day in day out and you can find yourself switching off at the crucial moment.

Northern Quarter -  With its little alleyways & Colourful Characters this is probably my favourite place to shoot, if street portrait is your thing then this is the place to go. Starting from Piccadilly Gardens past the famous Afflecks Palace and going all the way up Oldham Street it's a large area to cover and there are countless coffee shops as well.

Spinningfields -  A totally different contrast from the Northern Quarter this is the modern side of Manchester. With its steel & glass buildings and its business style look its a great place to capture the shadows & light, but watch out for the security around there as they can & will stop you shooting but for me that's the part of the fun.

Market Street - What can you say about this street , its a different world! Market Street is a Street Photographers paradise, i can walk up and down there 6-7 times and each time i see a different scene happening. But further up is Piccadilly i sometimes hit this when i'm doing the Northern Quarter but again this is a great place to shoot.

Oxford Road - Starting at the top near the Central Library & the famous archway which has been photographed countless times and then all the way up to the University this is a busy street during the week but again there are plenty of side streets to capture the lone subject. A five minute walk from there and you are in Castlefields.

The beauty of Manchester is that there are other little areas connected to the ones i have suggested like China Town & King Street. 

Street Photography is an adventure as you never know whats around that next corner and that's why i love shooting in Manchester.

Northern Quarter.